From the teaser:

You don’t know it yet, but documentation is actually AMAZING. Channel your inner educator and get inspired! We’ll talk about the different ways developers and end users try to solve problems, where they look to find information, and how you can get ahead of those needs by putting your recommendations in those places. Documentation is an amazing and complex problem that doesn’t end at a wiki full of pages—so let’s talk about how we can use our UI, different ways of phrasing and explaining, and the features we have available in WordPress to be the best teachers we can be.

This was my first time ever speaking at a conference and I did two back to back. And then I was subtly volunteered (volun-told?) to do a panel on WordPress in education to boot. I’ve come so far in terms of public speaking in the past few years, and it was incredibly empowering and fulfilling to be able to share my knowledge and passion with others. I’ll definitely be doing it again soon.

… but maybe not two back to back.

Presented at the 2016 WPCampus Conference and at WordCamp Boston 2016.