Speaking at LoopConf was an incredible (and terrifying) opportunity. Going up to that podium as someone who knows just enough PHP to get by - and speaking about my experiences to a room full of the smartest WordPress developers out there - is something I’ll always be grateful for. But I’ll never forget the feeling of having K. Adam White introduce himself to me and say how much my talk meant to him. It didn’t fully hit me until later that he wrote the REST API.

His words go on record as some of the kindest things anyone’s ever said about anything I’ve ever done.

From the teaser:

In this talk we present case studies of two unusual real-world uses of the WordPress REST API: a rapid prototype which leverages existing course feed data to test the interface of a course scheduling tool, and a compelling editorial story on identity, trauma, oppression, and hope whose design updates with readers’ answers in real time. We’ll explore the unique benefits and challenges of each situation and how the REST API empowered us to face each challenge, from improving usability testing and feedback on a short schedule to appropriately curating and protecting the experience of contributing to and interacting with personal, intimate, and sensitive subjects. You’ll get to see the full thinking and process behind each project so when you go home, you have what you need to inspire your team to create those new and exciting possibilities you’re always hearing about at the end of REST API talks.

Presented at LoopConf 2018.