Addison Reserve is a country club in Delray Beach, Florida, that wanted to show off major renovations and tell a new chapter in the club’s story.

A close up of the typography in the callouts on the Addison Reserve website homepage. The overall feel is traditional, but large type helps modernize it.

To do this, my teammates and I came up with the concept of taking visitors to the site on a club tour through the homepage. I was tasked with creating wireframes, final mockups, copywriting, and coding of the final site.

A screenshot of the homepage tour. A large button in the middle invites the user to Discover Addison, and is overlaid on top of a picture of the golf course on a sunny day, focusing on a large fountain.

The homepage opens with a rotating slideshow, giving a quick visual overview of the club’s offerings. From here, users are invited to “Discover Addison” or use the controls near the bottom of the page to switch slides. The hover state on the large button gives a preview of that tour’s layout and encourages clicking by changing to “Explore”. Panels then open, revealing highlights, video tours, galleries, and links further into the site.

A close up of the golf portion of the tour.

Users choose which areas interest them, leading them to relevant sections of the site and increasing the odds of generating leads. Multiple types of content, brief copy, and dynamic layouts between each slide keep the user engaged and informed.

An image of a blockquote on the history page, showing the traditional feel of the typography.

On long pages like the History page, the site borrows elements from print design, such as introductory paragraphs and pull quotes. This breaks up the page into manageable chunks of information while showcasing the elegant feel of the facilities.

A close up of marble texture detail in the top header area.

Textures such as the gleaming marble, embossed leaves, and cherry wood in the navigation highlight the club’s architectural details.

A membership call to action in the top of the site, sitewide. Serif fonts and marble details are used to match the club’s traditional decor.

Finally, a constant opportunity to pursue membership lives in the banner image sitewide, ensuring users always have an easy avenue to the main goal of the site.

This website was recognized with a Best in Class - Lifestyle | 2012 Interactive Media Awards by the Interactive Media Council.