Cedarland Family Fun Center is a family-friendly entertainment center in Haverhill, Massachusetts. They offer a wide variety of activities including mini golf, go-karts, bumper boats, batting cages, and more.

The original website was limited in design and content, difficult to navigate, and lacked a sense of fun and community. To address this, I selected a bright and playful color palette to help the website stand out from competitors.

I also custom animated and illustrated balloons and clouds to represent the fun and excitement of the facility, and give a sense of movement. The animation is subtle enough that it doesn’t distract from the content, but it adds a playful touch that helps users feel like they’re in a fun environment.

Customized banner with Play or Plan calls to action.

I refocused the homepage to call out directly to the two main tasks a user might want to accomplish on the site: learn what facilities are available on a day to day basis, or plan a party or event for the family, and suggested microcopy that was catchy and memorable to help associate the tasks with Cedarland.

A close up of a flag as an active state on the navigation.

I used small illustrations, including flag and compass motifs, to integrate the fun outdoor theme throughout the website on the homepage, navigation, and in the footer.

A close up of a compass, reinforcing a summer camp theme.

The subtle design details throughout the site elevated and evolved their brand identity, cementing Cedarland as a fun place to bring kids and plan parties for families.