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The Club at Neptune Cove is a sales tool and demo site for MembersFirst. I was responsible for the design of this fictional club’s site, the selection and editing of photography, and for writing taglines to help create the site’s tone and concept.

Many clubs are looking to attract families without alienating older members. When choosing the direction of the site, I thought long and hard about how to do this and why someone joins a country club. While much of what country clubs offer can be found elsewhere, I realized that it was these experiences combined with a beautiful, high-class environment that make a country club special. “Live the extraordinary life” encompasses this. Each slide on the homepage represents a different type of member “living” the life, imagining themselves in extraordinary positions – a child at sailing lessons imagines himself as the captain of a ship in a great storm, while a golf enthusiast sees himself in the final moments of a championship game. This approach brings humor and accessibility to the site, creating an encouraging and friendly environment for visitors to learn more.

Photography was carefully selected and edited to emphasize the social and community aspects of the club. Seeing members in action brings a sense of vibrancy and livelihood to the site while emphasizing various club offerings. Warmth and calm is imbued with soft linen and corduroy textures, friendly sans-serif fonts, a subtle hint of the club’s mountainous landscape, and a color palette of cool blues and browns found in the club’s surroundings. Scrolling through the homepage, visitors are offered an overview of the club’s social offerings through a calendar as well as callouts to easily access weddings and events, real estate, or family activities. The footer offers practical information about becoming a member, including an overview of membership options, a reciprocal map, and a form for people to learn more or follow updates on Facebook or Twitter.